January 28, 2007


In Tennessee, the Lt. Governor serves as speaker of the Senate. The Lt. Governor is elected by the members of the State Senate. Democratic State Senator Rosalind Kurita ended Democratic Lt. Governor Wilder's term. State Senator Kurita voted with Republicans to end Lt. Governor Wilder’s term as the nation’s longest serving Lt. Governor. State Senator Kurita says she voted her conscience in voting for a Republican to replace the Democratic Lt. Governor.

With her vote, Senator Kurita gave politics in Tennessee another black eye. Her vote and subsequent appointment to Speaker Pro Tem of the State Senate shows voters back room deals are alive and well in Nashville, Tennessee. Senator Kurita’s vote for Republican Ron Ramsey is obviously a “Let’s Make a Deal” vote—Ron Ramsey is now the most powerful State Senator and Rosalind Kurita is now his number two.

Senator Kurita states she voted her conscience; she states she is a Democrat, and her vote is good for Democrats and the people of Tennessee. Senator Kurita leaves the impression that this change in leadership is a wake-up call for everyone to put politics aside by casting votes for the best interests of the people of Tennessee. Senator Kurita proclaims no deals were made, no promises were given, she claims her vote is a vote of conscience—after her vote of conscience the man she votes for appoints her to Speaker Pro Tem of the State Senate. Can anyone say “Let’s Make a Deal?”

By appointing Senator Kurita to “the number two position,” Senator Ramsey shows he is no better than Senator Kurita-both made deals for positions of power. In this Let's Make a Deal move, Senator Kurita obviously jockeyed for a position of power in the Senate. In return, Senator Ramsey obviously made a deal for a position of power in the Senate.

Did Senator Kurita vote her conscience or did she vote for power? The answer is obviously that she voted for power. If Senator Kurita’s vote is a vote of conscience, she would have turned down any position of power offered to her by State Senator Ron Ramsey. Instead, within days of her vote she accepted a position of power.

Senator Kurita had an opportunity to prove she voted her conscience by turning Senator Ramsey’s offer of power down. Instead, she made a deal.

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