January 27, 2007

From Free Speech America

A post by John Bailes. Join Stuart James and John Bailes, with guest Dr. Robert Swansborough, for a discussion on the State of the Union Tuesday January 30, 2007 on WGOW 102.3 FM and on http://www.freespeechamerica.us Free Speech America-Voicing America's Opinions on the Interactive Broadcasting System

With Democrats in control of Congress, President Bush chose to divide his State of the Union (SOTU) address evenly between domestic issues and foreign/military issues. Each of these broad issues received about 20+ minutes in a 49-minute speech last Tuesday night, Jan. 23, 2007.

Below is a breakdown of his SOTU in minutes and issues. Notice that domestic policy is addressed in the first twenty or so minutes, obviously nodding to Democratic power. But why no mention of Katrina progress? Too obviously a disaster for this administration? Too painful a domestic issue for this president? Too tragic.

Minutes Devoted to Issues in President Bush's SOTU

· 1 of 49 to Introduction
· 8 of 49 to Economy
· 2 of 49 to Education
· 4 of 49 to Health Care
· 2 of 49 to Immigration
· 4 of 49 to Energy
· 1 of 49 to Judicial Nominees
· 6 of 49 to Terrorism
· 4 of 49 to Middle East
· 8 of 49 to Iraq
· 4 of 49 to Diplomacy
· 6 of 49 to Heroes
· 1 of 49 to Conclusion

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